The Effects of Parental Incareration
Vermont Children Share the Challenges of Having a Parent in Prison

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Make A Difference

Supporting restorative justice makes a difference in your community.





Make a Change

Volunteer for restorative justice makes a change in the entire community.




Not Just Diversion

While court diversion is still a focus, we offer so much more through our extended programs.



Restorative Justice in Lamoille County

The Lamoille Restorative Center is a community-based agency established to address unlawful behaviors, support victims of crime, and promote healthy families and communities within the Lamoille Valley Region of Vermont.

This year, we are celebrating 39 years of the organization’s history and look forward to continuing to serve the Lamoille Valley community.

We Love Our Volunteers

Learn more about the community members that are so vital to our
work and how you can be a part of it.